Broken elevators leaving tenants of Bronx building stranded

TREMONT, Bronx (WABC) -- Broken elevators are leaving tenants of a Bronx building stranded.

Residents of a building on 2205 Davidson Avenue in the Tremont section say they have called 311 repeatedly, but they feel like their complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

Laverne Harrigan has five children, and it is no easy task hauling her stroller up and down the stairs

"It's hard - once I'm up these stairs, I don't go back down. Sometimes I'm in the house two or three days. I send my son to the store," she says.

Groceries are difficult, especially for Carmen Graham, who struggles with a cane.

"If I go grocery shopping, it's very hard," Graham says.

According to tenants, the elevators in the 6-floor apartment building have not worked in more than a year. They tell Eyewitness News they pay their rent, but don't get services.

While residents struggle to survive and feel like no one is listening to their complaints. The main owner passed away, and his son is reportedly in charge.

According to the Department of Buildings, there are currently 58 open violations on the building for the non-working elevator.

The owner told Eyewitness News they are due back in court on February 28th to try and resolve the issue.
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