Brutal Philadelphia attack, robbery caught on camera

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Man attacked on Philadelphia street, 3 sought. Gray Hall reports during Action News at 4pm on April 19. (WPVI)

Police are looking for the three men who attacked and robbed a 25-year-old man on a Philadelphia street in broad daylight.

It happened around 12:30 p.m. Saturday along the 3500 block of B and Tioga streets in the Kensington section.

Police are working to track down the three men seen on surveillance video viciously beating the victim.

"It hits really hard when you see something with that level of brutality, and what appears to be that random looking, and again in broad daylight conditions. It does get a little startling," said Capt. Sekou Kinebrew.

The crime happened as the victim was leaving a restaurant.

Before that attack, you can see the group in question, walking and peering through business windows as if they were looking for someone.

Workers inside the restaurant said the victim was there to get a job application. They were too afraid to talk on camera, but say they couldn't believe what happened as the man left the restaurant.
"No sooner than he turned to his left to start walking down the street, he is confronted by three males. One of the males hits him in the face so hard that he falls to the ground, and one of the other males repeatedly kicks and punches him while also removing some items from him," said Capt. Kinebrew.

The attackers had no mercy and repeatedly punched and kicked the helpless man while he was down.

The brutal beat down gets worse, as the suspects knock the victim unconscious, and then take his money, wallet and cell phone.

Investigators are thankful cameras in the neighborhood were recording and captured images of the men responsible for this horrific attack. They are now hoping that someone in the community will recognize them and call police.

"It is kind of difficult to jump into their minds to see what they were thinking, if it was something spontaneous - they see someone and they went on the attack - or that is what their plan was that day. But that is another reason we want to get them in, because regardless of their motive, what transpired was brutal," said Capt. Kinebrew.
Officers had to take the victim to the hospital. He has since been treated and released.
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