CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man in Halloween mask terrorizes Laundromat worker in Bronx

EDENWALD -- A Bronx woman was robbed by an armed man wearing a scary Halloween mask. She spoke out to Eyewitness News about her freighting ordeal.

It was all caught on surveillance cameras.

"I am so afraid. I can't think of anything. I can't talk. I wanted to shout 'somebody help me'. I was so scared," said Wenmei Niu, a robbery victim.

Frightened beyond belief, Niu came face to face with a dangerous thief while she was working her usual night shift at an Edenwald Laundromat.

The suspect, caught on security cameras, came into the Laconia Avenue Laundromat around 9 p.m. Thursday.

He pulled a handgun and demanded money.

At one point, in the video you can see him grab Niu.

"I have to give him money. If I don't give him the money he would kill me. So I was scared," Niu said.

The suspect, as seen in the security video, is also wearing a zombie-like mask, which police are hoping is telling clue for someone.

"Then he grabbed me and says 'give me money'. That's why I don't know what he is doing, he's got a mask. He has a gun. I felt I was in shock," Niu said.

He forced her over to the counter, and once behind it, he shoved her out of the way.

"He made me open the register. Then I have to open the cash register and he grabs money," Niu said.

He pulled the entire cash drawer out and shoved it into a black bag. He got about $246 and then quickly walked out of the Laundromat.

Niu wants him caught.

"Get off the street, catch him, put him in prison," Niu said.

Police are hoping someone recognizes the suspects hair, or if it's a wig, and the mask.

As she went about her work this night, wiping down and cleaning the machines, Niu is relieved that she has come through this terrifying ordeal.

"But still scary. It's ok, but still scary," Niu said.