Caught on camera: Vandals damage cars in New Jersey parking lot

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A.J. Ross reports on the vandalism that occured at a New Jersey parking lot.

Police are searching for vandals who damaged cars in the parking lot of a Linden movie theater early Wednesday.

Officers responded to the AMC Aviation 12 theater just after midnight when patrons exited the theater find their cars damaged.

Moonlighting as stunt doubles in their own amateur film outside a Linden movie theater Tuesday night, a duo used innocent bystanders' cars as props.

Leaping and tumbling from car to car, they left a trail of damage including dented hoods and at least one broken windshield.

Police say several cars were damaged in the mayhem filmed and later posted to Instagram.

"I'm pretty confident that the public is going to tell us exactly who they are they put this on the internet for everyone to see and they got our attention," said Lt. Christopher Guenther, Linden Police Department.

"What a bunch of idiots," a movie patron said.

"It's just awful, someone should come to their house and do these things," said Demetria Demoleas, a movie patron.

Movie patrons Eyewitness News showed the video to were shocked and disturbed someone could have so little regard for personal property.

"That's taking immaturity to a whole other level," said Anne-Marie Calzolari, a movie patron. "Don't mess up people's property, cars are expensive enough."

"They're fools! "How would you feel if someone did that to your car and you don't know who it is? That's ridiculous," said Brielle Hodge, a movie patron.

As police continue to search for the suspects responsible, Linden Mayor Derek Armstead says incidents like this don't occur often and will not be tolerated.

"People pay a lot for their property and they should feel safe when they come out at night or when they come to our malls to shop, we want them to feel safe," Mayor Armstead said.

Anyone with anymore information is encouraged to contact the Linden Police Department.
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