Charges deferred for men accused in accidental shooting at Waldorf Astoria

MIDTOWN (WABC) -- Prosecutors are reviewing their criminal case against two Brooklyn brothers involved in an accidental shooting Saturday night during a wedding at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

42-year old Vladimir Gotlibovsky was arrested after his gun accidentally fired and 51-year old Felix Gotlibovsky is accused of helping to remove the gun from the scene.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office says charges are being deferred while the investigation continues.

There was no comment from Vladimir Gotlibovsky's daughter as she ducked into the family's mini mansion on Monday.

It's where Vladimir is keeping a low profile after an embarrassing situation at his nephew's million dollar wedding at the Waldorf Astoria.

It's something Vladimir's attorney tells Eyewitness News was "an accident, an unfortunate incident."

"They feel horrible that a situation like this occurred, feel very remorseful this bride didn't complete her wedding," said Arthur Gershfeld, the suspect's attorney.

"They" are Vladimir and his big brother Felix, both were at the wedding, both left in cuffs, and are now at the center of this investigation.

Saturday night, guests were having a ball during a pre-cocktail hour in the hotel lobby.

Sources tell Eyewitness News, Vladimir was packing a 9mm ruger in his pants, that surveillance video shows the 42-year-old standing with his hands in his pockets.

Out of nowhere, the gun accidentally discharged, tearing through his pants, fragments hit one woman in the head, and three others were stuck with bits of marble and glass.

So why was Vladimir carrying a loaded gun?

His attorney says his client owns a liquor store in the Bronx.

"Let's just say he's always or under a constant threat, that's why he's permitted to carry," Gershfeld said.

But sources say Vladimir then handed off the weapon to Felix, who gave it to other relatives, who took the gun back a home, where later that night, the family handed it over to police.

At the groom's apartment Monday, a man told Eyewitness News, "We've been through hell."

The Waldorf did allow the religious ceremony to take place, but pulled the plug on the reception.

"They're upset with the fact that the wedding was cancelled, obviously didn't want this to occur, and didn't want this wedding to stop," Gershfeld said.
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