Clients claim consignment store shut down, took their goods

CHAPPAQUA (WABC) -- Locked and shuttered, the Elegance Two consignment shop in Chappaqua is cleaned out of all the fine items it used to carry for its clients.

"All high end bags and shoes, Chanel bags, Chanel clothing and Hermes bags," said Jill Capocci.

Capocci had taken in two weeks of jewelry worth $1,400 in hopes the owners, Babette and Julia Faotto could sell them. However, when the store suddenly closed last December, she and others became concerned.

"I was hurt and upset as to why they would do this," Capocci said.

She later learned that Faotto was opening a consignment shop in nearby Pleasantville, which to this day, others say, has not opened. Its door is locked, and an apologetic note was taped to the window. Yet inside the store, there were many of the high end bags, shoes and racks of clothes that were carried in the other store.

"Customers are complaining that the shop is closed; they have no idea what has happened to the property they turned over to the consignment shop," said Lt. Dan Cannon of the New Castle Police Department.

New Castle Police in Chappaqua say they are in the midst of an investigation into the shop's owners.

"We're looking for facts. They still haven't made a determination as of yet whether or not there is any criminal activity, or whether it's a civil problem," said Lt. Cannon.

Also evident on the front door of the unopened shop in Pleasantville are notes from clients who want either valuable items back, or their money if they were sold. There is also a check to a local business for services - the owner wanting payment for the check that bounced.

Another visible note shoved under the door from a real estate company seeking back-rent, late charges and utility expenses totaling more than $6,800.

"I know my situation could be much worse, and there are a lot more people that are burned. A lot more that I have," says Capocci.

In the meantime, police are seeking to talk to the owners who were once recognized as merchant of the week. The phone number for the shop has apparently also been disconnected.

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