Construction crew uses forklift to hoist family's new SUV off the street in Williamsburg

WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A construction crew used a forklift to hoist a family's SUV off the street. The family had just purchased the used sports utility vehicle three days before the incident.

It was in good condition...until this happened:

"They didn't put any notice on my car. Didn't put any notice saying we had to move your car. Didn't put any notice saying 'we had to put a forklift under your car'," said Henry Nahrwold.

Once Henry saw the video of the forklift raising his family's SUV into the air, then partially shifting it onto the sidewalk, well, that explained what caused the damage to the 2004 Infiniti.

"It was shocking, and we were grateful, because we had recourse then, before that, the damage on the car, we didn't know who had done it," adds Tom Nahrwold.

On Friday, April 22nd, Tom parked their SUV on South 3rd Street next to a construction site. Developer Two Trees is building a sprawling $2 Billion complex from Wythe to the water. Later that same day, Henry came to get the car, and initially thought his dad had parked it in a different way. Then, he says, he noticed the bumper was damaged, paint was scraped, alignment was off, and some electronics did not work.

Once the video of the forklift surfaced, Henry also noticed where the car behind them was placed. Tom's wife, Susan Pellegrino then called Two Trees, and was told they 'probably pulled' DOT 'Do Not Park' signs.

"I said 'no, there were no signs posted at all, and we were parked legally', and I said we had it on film footage, and he said 'what?'" Susan said.

Last week, Tom got a partial estimate for the damage - $2,600, and he plans to give it to Two Trees, which has indicated the subcontractor will pay for everything. Lesson learned? Not exactly.

Witnesses say just last Friday, the incident happened again - crews used a forklift to move a Lexus completely on the sidewalk. Police then towed it.

Two days before the car incident, even after objecting, Susan tells Eyewitness News that Two Trees put up scaffolding in part of their backyard. The family says that this was the last straw.

"It's a bullying tactic. We're not trying to slow down their progress, just trying to be treated fairly," says Tom.

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