Counterterrorism officials examine arenas near transit hubs and their exits after Manchester terror

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Jim Dolan reports from outside Yankee Stadium.

Security is noticeably tighter in New York City. The NYPD is focusing on so-called soft-targets after the Manchester terror attack and after last week's deadly car attack in Times Square.

One cautious subway rider flagged a suspicious package at the Yankee Stadium Subway Station. Turns out it was a cooler with beer inside.

Yankee Stadium is next to the subway, similar to the layout in Manchester, and is not unusual for big cities.

At Yankee Stadium Tuesday night, parents brought their children as always. There was a game to play, but parents had to think about so much more.

"I thought about it as I was getting here and the real thought is that we are New Yorkers and we got to continue going, we can't let this stuff phase us," one man said.

Until Monday, it all made perfect sense. The metal detectors as you enter Yankee Stadium, as you enter Madison Square Garden, as you enter Citi Field. They are there of course to prevent an attack inside.

That was the weakness exposed in Manchester.

"It's something that I think security experts have not been thinking about, quite frankly, and that's the exit from major events," Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Look at the arena in Manchester, it is right next to the mass transit hub, Victoria Station.

The bomb went off as people streamed out of the arena and headed for Victoria Station.

It's not so different than how people leave Citi Field and head to the 7 train, or leave the Garden and head to Penn Station, or leave Yankee Stadium and head to the D train across River Avenue.

New Yorkers chose not to worry Tuesday night.

"Then the terrorists win, that's why, if i worry about it," a man said.

But it is the kind of problem that keeps police officials up nights.

"Counterterrorism officers throughout the world will be looking at this and saying, what can we glean from this, how can we do our best to prevent it, again no guarantees, but you try your best," Kelly said.
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