Illinois couple finds explicit messages on Burger King wrappers

NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- A Naperville couple unwrapped a controversy on a recent trip to Burger King when they said they found explicit messages inside their burger wrappers.

The couple said they were stunned by what they found when they unwrapped their dinner, but what happened after the discovery made them even more upset.

Nancie and Martyce Murphy said they were hungry when they went through the drive-thru at the Burger King at 95th and Book Road in Naperville. But when they got home, the Murphys quickly lost their appetites.

"He say here at the table, took one bite and then said, 'Honey, I think you need to look,'" Nancie said.

They found an expletive written on Martyce's wrapper. Nancy found the same phrase her on hers as well.

"When you pay for something, you want something good. So to get that, that was uncalled for," Martyce said.

Nancie immediately called the restaurant, where she said the manager denied everything.

"I told him what had happened and he said, 'I don't believe you, there's no way that could have happened,'" she said.

Monday morning she spoke to a supervisor and who said she would investigate. Monday afternoon, a worker admitted to write the message, saying he was just having a bad day. The worker was fired, but the Murphys aren't satisfied.

"To just shrug it off and you're in management and to say 'I think you're lying' or 'I don't believe you,' I think that's most insulting," Nancie said.

Burger King sent ABC7 Eyewitness News a statement Monday evening saying in part that the behavior is inexcusable. Nancie said she was told employees will receive more training to keep this from happening to customers again. In the meantime, the Murphys said they will never eat at a Burger King again.
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