Cruise ship comes frighteningly close to coastal Florida home

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida -- Two Florida homeowners had a harrowingly close call with a Royal Caribbean cruise ship that came within 100 feet of their coastal home.

Video obtained by ABC News shows the Celebrity Equinox cruise liner approaching the coast and immediately throwing its thrusters into full reverse.

"Too close! Get out!" the homeowners can be heard yelling at the ship, which eventually successfully backs away from the coast.

According to Port Everglades Pilots and Florida Harbor Pilots Association spokesperson Sarah Bascom, strong wind and currents brought the ship "closer than usual to the side of the channel."

"The local Port Everglades harbor pilot maintained navigational control of the vessel throughout this maneuver, skillfully keeping it within the channel, then proceeded to safely guide the vessel out to sea," Bascom added.

Both Bascom and Royal Caribbean, the parent company of Celebrity Cruises, confirmed that the vessel did not run aground.

"As Equinox departed on Friday, March 3, she was in her assigned channel at all times under the guidance of specialized local port pilots," the cruise line added.

The Coast Guard said it will not investigate the incident further because the vessel did not become grounded and there were no casualties.
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