Cyclone Roller Coaster gets stuck on opening day at Luna Park

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Renee Stoll has more from Coney Island. (WABC)

The first Cyclone Ride at Coney Island to welcome a new season, instead kicked off a rescue when the famed roller coaster got stuck.

The wooden ride didn't even make it through its first public run, stalling just before a full car of riders approached the first drop.

"Eric Adams, the borough president came down and christened the ride, the dignitaries took their ride, everything went fine and then us general public went for a nice ride, and we had a little belt slippage, and they shut it down," said Eric "Mr. Cyclone" Napp.

Park staff scaled the sides of the 88-year-old coaster seconds after it came to a halt, racing to help the revelers.

If it was up to the hard-core Cyclone enthusiasts, they would have stayed up there until the ride was fixed, but instead had to make the treacherous climb down.

"The locks were in place, so the ride didn't slide back down, and then staff came up and safely escorted us off the ride," Napp says.

After several hours, Eyewitness News finally saw the cars that were stuck at the top start to move again, and can guarantee there will be more riders lined up to get on.

"It was definitely an interesting experience - I'm ready to go back as soon as they give the okay," said Adam Myers.

Park officials blame an "isolated mechanical issue" for the abrupt halt.

No one was hurt.

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