DASH CAM VIDEO: Police officers save woman from overturned car in Kinnelon, officers now speak out

KINNELON (WABC) -- 24 seconds. That's all there was between when officers pulled a driver from a car wreck in New Jersey, and when the vehicle burst into flames. 24 seconds between rescue, and a potential tragedy.


When it comes to bravery it doesn't get much better than Kinnelon Police Officers Rickey Ferriola and Mark Ehrenburg.

"This is what police officers are here to do," Officer Ehrenburg said.

"Heat of the moment, got to get the job done," Officer Ferriola said.

"We're not here to cause harm, we're here to help you," Officer Ehrenburg said.

"We just had to get her out of there," Officer Ferriola said.

On Thursday they rolled up on a car that had rolled over and was already on fire.

"I could feel the heat coming off the engine department," Officer Ehrenburg said.

The partners had already been looking for 45-year-old Dawn Milosky, after a caller reported her driving erratically. So when 911 got a second call that she'd crashed, the cops were close.

"Lucky I was only a quarter mile up the road," Officer Ehrenburg said.

A dashboard camera recorded what happened next.

"The driver was upside down, still buckled into a seatbelt," Officer Ferriola said.

One used a knife to cut the belt, while the other stabilized Milosky's neck. Together they dragged her to safety a mere 24 seconds before flames engulfed her car.

Nicholas Cifelli is their sergeant:

"They made me proud. I felt really good they did what they had to do," Sergeant Cifelli said.

"It would have been extremely bad if we were 20 seconds late. It was that close," Officer Ehrenburg said.

"Hoping this does kind of guide her in the future, hopefully this is a sign for her, a relief," Officer Ferriola said.

"I definitely would like to see her and see how she's making out. We went through a lot and she didn't even realize it," Officer Ehrenburg said.

Milosky was airlifted to Morristown Medical Center, where she was treated for non-life threatening injuries but is expected to be okay. She faces numerous charges, including driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, and driving with an open container of alcohol.
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