DashCam captures Brooklyn car theft from thieves' point of view

BUSHWICK (WABC) -- It's a car theft like you have never seen before - because it's from the point of view of the thieves. A DashCam, captured the whole thing - the steal, the joyride and the crashes.

In the video, two young men walked up to the running Infiniti Q50 on Monday afternoon, and a few seconds passed before someone stole the car. Right away there was trouble.

The men then hit a woman on the street and just kept speeding away. From there, it doesn't get much better. In the next minute and thirty seconds, the joyriders hit at least one car before they abandoned the Infiniti a few blocks away.

Car owner Shaya Jungeris says he had left the car running. Jungeris had just pulled over at the corner of Somers and Rockaway avenues and got out to talk to some colleagues who were working there.

Jungeris bought the DashCam that recorded the theft about a year ago in case he got into an accident. Now he feels like he needs one for the inside of the car, because you never see the faces of the carjackers who nervously abandoned the car a short distance away, but again, not before hitting a woman on the street.

Jungeris said he only left the car running for one minute.

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