Deer walks into Wisconsin grocery store, lays down beside booze

OCONOMOWOC, Wisconsin -- An injured deer walked into a Piggly Wiggly last Friday in Wisconsin, running down the aisles and forcing an evacuation of the store.

The deer was injured before it made it to the grocery store, slamming itself into a set of glass windows at the strip mall.

Piggly Wiggly manager Mike Edwards explained, "It had a broken leg obviously, and there was a little bit of blood."

The deer managed to walk inside the store with the help of the automatic doors.

Edwards said he initially feared for the customers, and then felt compassion for the deer. He told local station WDJT, "Everyone was in shock because you don't expect a deer to be inside the building."

Edwards says the deer didn't cause any damage and eventually lay down in the liquor section.

Police and the Department of Natural Resources arrived and evacuated the store.

Edwards said, "Right in mid shopping so there were carts all over the store half full and carts in the checkout lanes."

After about an hour, authorities were able to remove the animal, but it later had to be put down due to its injuries.
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