VIDEO: Aggressive group of dirt bikes, ATVs on Philly streets

PHILADELPHIA -- A large group of all-terrain vehicles has been weaving in and out of traffic all across Philadelphia.

About 100 riders rode haphazardly all throughout the city, bobbing between cars, hopping up on sidewalks - dodging pedestrians, and ripping through parks.

Tuesday afternoon the group made its way through South Philadelphia into North Philadelphia, to Olney, Hunting Park and other neighborhoods.

Action News has learned that many of the riders were at a funeral for a fellow dirt biker, Kyrell Tyler, who was killed in a shooting last week.

Philadelphia police say they understand that the group is paying respect to their friend. But they say the group's activity was unsafe for other drivers.

Officers said they planned to make a push to get the bikes off the streets, but said say they will not chase them.

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