Dog owner says he caught delinquent dog walker on tape

LANDING, New Jersey (WABC) -- A busy working couple hired a dog walker to feed, walk, and play with their 1-year-old lab mix. But when she started doing her business in the house, they went to the videotape. That's when the dog owner says he saw something that surprised him.

Chris Jurtschenko says he's furious. It all happened after he says he viewed a couple of days worth of surveillance camera footage - he captured - in his own living room of what he says is a do-nothing dog-walker.

January 4th, the first of two days Chris' camera rolled. The dog walker comes up the stairs, goes to the kitchen and then leaves minutes later. Chris says she was only there for six minutes.

Dakota's off camera for all of one minute, making Chris wonder if his pooch was ever let out. And after she left - Chris says Dakota did her business in the bedroom.

The following day Chris says his dog walker was even more delinquent. The log reads Dakota was walked twice at 11 a.m. and at 4 p.m. But, the video shows just one visit, in the middle of the day.

She did stay for 30 minutes this time. Chris says the video shows she just walked in went to the bathroom then opened our linen closet door and came and sat down on the couch. We do see her pet Dakota, once, even threw her toy, all while on her phone.

"That's all the interaction she got and and she (Dakota) was home form 6:30 a.m. to 8 o'clock at night," Chris said.

Chris says when he confronted the dog walker she told him it was too cold to walk the dog, saying the temperature for those days did not allow the dog to be outside, it was in the single digits.

But we checked AccuWeather. It showed temps in the 30's both days. So we went to the dog walker.

She told Nina Pineda she knew nothing about this case and that she hadn't seen the video.

7 On Your Side learned later after the couple disputed the charges the dog walker didn't charge the couple for the days in question.

The dog walker never said why she didn't spend more time with the dog on those days, but says Dakota was let outside for relief. Bottom line, if you have people in your home you may want to think about investing in a monitor. The one Chris had cost $250, and they have hired a new dog walker for Dakota. null
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