Downed wires spark destructive fire in Hackensack

HACKENSACK, New Jersey (WABC) -- Live wires sparked a fire that spread to a home and engulfed two vehicles in Hackensack, New Jersey on Monday afternoon.

A minivan and another vehicle were completely burned out. There's no upholstery left on the inside, it's just all metal.

That's how strong and intense this fire was when that live wire hit the vehicle.

It also damaged the home on Burns Street. Luckily, the home did not catch fire.

There is also a hole in the concrete on the ground from where the live wire hit.

Neighbors had to evacuate as soon as the wires started going down in the streets.

One woman said a wire actually hit her house, but luckily that wire was not live.

Emergency crews could not put the fire out until PSEG came and turned off the electricity on the street.

Neighbors said it sounded like an explosion and they didn't know what was going on at the time.

"I was in my yard and I heard a wire pop. I ran outside through my yard and also as the wire on the floor sparking and shaking over the ground. So I called the cops. Cops already said a lot of people called," a resident said.

It started with sparks then eventually grew up to flames. Then all the heat went to the two cars and they caught flame and that was it.

The other damage as a result of this fire is the water on the street. There was also a water main break because of the fire.
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