Exclusive: Melee after high school soccer game in Brooklyn caught on camera

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A post-game brawl was caught on video after a high school soccer game in Brooklyn.

Soccer is often referred to as a gentleman's sport, but there was nothing sportsmanlike about what happened Wednesday. It was an all out brawl, and the alleged instigator is a grown adult. In fact, he's a coach of the winning team.

The teenage victim exclusively told Eyewitness News how it all went down.

"I was trying to push some of their players off of mine," said 16-year-old Adonis Hosier. "I turned around and got hit in the face and that was by the coach. And the second blow was the back of my head."

Hosier is still feeling the pain of the haymaker that landed square in his face during the melee.

There is exclusive cellphone video taken by a witness, and a photo taken Wednesday night showing his bruised nose.

Watch the exclusive video here:
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Watch the exclusive video showing a brawl during a soccer match in Brooklyn, New York.

His head is still ringing from a shot he took to the back of his head, the result of a concussion.

The brawl erupted at the end of a soccer match in Crown Heights.

Hosier is a co-captain of the Cristo Rey High School team. The Catholic school was the away team.

The Math Engineering Science Academy - also known as MESA - was the home team, a charter school in Harlem.

Hosier said the home team's coach had been hurling profanities throughout the game. "He was saying get these mother.... outta here, they're trash, they're bad. We don't need them, we're better than them," he said.

But he never expected that to turn into what happened. At the end of the match, he said his team went to line up to shake hands.

That's when he says three players from the other side jumped one of his teammates, and then their coach allegedly jumped in.

You can't see the punch that hit Hosier in the video. But you can see that coach take a swing at another student.

"It's a cowardly act being an adult to put your hand on a child," said his mother, Pearlene Hosier.

MESA officials releasing a statement Thursday night: "Upon our review of (videos) and a review of other facts and witness accounts, MESA will discipline any student or employee who violated our disciplinary code, as we understand Cristo Rey will do as well. We take this matter very seriously, express deep regret for any injuries."

"I don't think he should be coaching," Pearlene said.

The teen has filed a police report. He says he doesn't know who threw that second punch. But he's sure the coach threw the first one that hit him, and he's sure it was intentional. null
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