Exclusive: Chinatown restaurant owner beaten after defending waitress

CHINATOWN, Manhattan (WABC) -- Eyewitness News exclusively obtained dramatic and disturbing video of a beat down in Chinatown.

The owner of a restaurant was defending a waitress who was allegedly getting harassed by a man.

And for his efforts, the owner was attacked.

By the time the video starts, the beating is well underway and it is vicious. (click to see the video in the player above)

Remember the man on the ground being assaulted, 50-year-old Qang Wang, was defending a waitress in his restaurant.

"He was harassing one of the female employees. So one of the owners, manager, decided to say, 'Hey, stop that, that's not appropriate,'" said Don Lee, the victim's spokesman and family spokesman.

But before 33-year-old Montress Gomez left the restaurant, he allegedly punched a small hole in the wall. It was just the beginning.

Still photos show Gomez in full windup and throwing violent haymaker blows.

Surveillance video shows it all in shadows, and eventually it spilled into the upper left part of the frame.

"The cops ain't doing nothing," a man is heard saying in the video.

But the men in uniform aren't police, they're unarmed Traffic Agents, trained only to call the police when they see a crime.

One person in the crowd does try meekly to help, but eventually Gomez just walks away.

Moments later, the police arrive and arrest him.

"All I see is the guy lying down with bandages on his head and everything. I went over there to check, the guy was not responsive," said Tony Lu, a resident.
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