Exclusive: Daughter talks about mother found dead, tied up in Brooklyn apartment

CANARSIE, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Police are investigating a murder mystery in Brooklyn after a woman was found dead and tied up inside her apartment.

A photo showing a happy memory is how Shiffon Mulzac wants to remember her mom, the pair was celebrating Noreen's 70th birthday in March.

Here's a photo of Mulzac:

In an exclusive interview, Shiffon walked Eyewitness News through what would end up being Noreen Mulzac's final days alive.

The nurse and foster mom was found dead inside her home in Canarsie.

Sources tell Eyewitness News that Noreen's bedroom had been ransacked, her legs bound with cloth and a blanket was partially covering her.

"He told me that she was hurt and I said, 'How badly?' And he told me she passed, I literally collapsed," said Hazel Bartley, a neighbor.

Shiffon did not want to go on camera but tells Eyewitness News she knew something wasn't right days before her mother was found dead on Monday.

Shiffon lives with her boyfriend in the basement of the family home, the 29-year-old last saw Noreen Tuesday, spoke to her Wednesday and everything was fine.

Thursday she couldn't reach her on her cell and by Saturday there was a big red flag.

Her mom's SUV hadn't moved from the driveway, and her wallet was on a table with no cash or credit cards.

Shiffon kept knocking on her door, which was locked and then finally, Monday afternoon, Shiffon's boyfriend broke down the door and found Noreen.

"If she needed a hand she knew she could ring my doorbell and ask for help, if the car didn't start I'd jump start the car," said Freddie Moses, a neighbor.

This is the same SUV that Noreen had planned to give to her son Jayvon this past weekend.

The 28-year-old lives in Massachusetts and Shiffon tells Eyewitness News he often clashed with Noreen.

In fact in 2006, Jayvon and another teen broke into this same house.

Shiffon says Jayvon, who was just 17, tied her up, threatened her with a gun and watched as the other suspect pistol whipped Noreen.

They stole cash and did time for robbery and assault, but Shiffon tells Eyewitness News that Noreen eventually forgave him and for years has tried to help him out.

Granville Gittens grew up with Jayvon.

"Jayvon did struggle with incarceration and institutionalization and he had mental health issues," Gittens said.

The Medical Examiner's office revealed on Tuesday afternoon that Norneen's cause of death was ligature strangulation.

No arrests were immediately made.
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