Exclusive: Family of 7-year-old boy killed in Bronx crash speaks out about driver

PELHAM BAY (WABC) -- The driver involved in a tragic accident that killed a little boy having dinner at a restaurant with his dad is out on bail, and the family is not happy about that.

"He was waiting for me to come down," said the victim's mother Natasha Villacicencio in an exclusive interview.

But before the 26-year-old mother could get to Kennedy Fried Chicken on Westchester Avenue in the Pelham Bay section of the Bronx last Thursday, a gold Mercedes SUV had backed into the restaurant and run over her whole family, including her husband and daughter, and killed her 7-year old son Ethan.

The family buried him Wednesday.

"Very difficult, it's just difficult, it's hard," said the victim's aunt, Taisha Alameda.

And what's even harder to deal with is what the family considers a slap on the wrist for the driver who took Ethan's life and tried to get away with it.

"The thought of him getting out of the car and checking to see what happened, but he left," Villacicencio said. "Why did he leave...why?"

73-year-old Kwasi Oduro was in court Wednesday. He's charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in a death. He's free on a $10,000 bond.

"How would you feel if they would do that to someone's kid, how would that person feel? I don't have my son anymore with me," Villacicencio said.

"I think it's appropriate that they should remove his license and never let him drive again," said Awilda Cordero, the family spokesperson.

For them, it just doesn't seem right that Oduro can come and go as he pleases on such a low bond, while Ethan was robbed of the innocent 7-year-old life that brought so much joy.

"Ethan was the sunshine of the family, he gave us joy, he gave us life," Alameda said.

The family is exploring their legal options. They want to see more serious charges against the driver.
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