Exclusive: Girl, 10, talks about being shot by BB gun in Bronx school

MORRISANIA, Bronx (WABC) -- A 10-year-old girl was just sitting in her classroom when she was suddenly shot by a BB gun.

She told Eyewitness News exclusively about the terrifying moments at PS 63 in the Bronx.

Lia Urena came home late Wednesday night after a trip to the hospital and such a scary day at school.

"He was trying to shoot at the school, but he shot me instead," Lia said.

Anfernee Olivo , 19, of the Bronx, was arrested and charged in the shooting.

Lia was in her classroom on the fifth floor in the Mott Hall Charter School in the Morrisania section of the Bronx when two of her classmates looked out the window.

"Two of my friends said that there's a guy on the roof with a gun and everybody freaked out," Lia said.

The first shot the man fired from the roof of a building just two doors down from the school, hit the floor of Lia's classroom. The second hit her.

"The first shot that he did, everybody started running, but I tripped on the floor, and when I tripped on the floor he hit me on the hand and he shot me," Lia said.

Urena and her friend all think the guy who was shooting was aiming at the school, but the police aren't so sure about that, but Lia and her mother are just happy she's OK.

The man was firing a bb gun, and the pellet hit Lia's arm. She was bleeding pretty badly for a while.

"Everybody started crying, there was some girl crying, everybody just freaked out and everybody just tried to get down," Lia said.

She spent the next several hours in the hospital with her mom. Police found the man who fired the BB gun, but so far there are no charges. null
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