EXCLUSIVE: Security system catches neighbor breaking into NJ man's apartment

BLOOMFIELD, N.J. (WABC) -- There's new video from a New Jersey man who took police work into his own hands.

His home security system caught his own neighbor breaking into his apartment and going through his things.

"About one to two weeks ago, weird things started to happen at home, things missing. It was weird, my mail started to disappear. So we bought this camera," said Jonnathan Parades, the tenant.

Just days later, Paredes' camera captured his Bloomfield neighbor rummaging through his apartment, allegedly stealing cash and goods and then carefully putting things back in their place to go unnoticed.

He watched the whole thing go down in real time on his phone at work.

"I'm nervous and excited and I don't know, angry," Parades said.

Paredes couldn't believe the woman who lives one floor below his Bloomfield apartment was stealing from his home Wednesday afternoon. He gave police the video of the suspect trying to disable the camera and in the process giving several clear images of her face.

They quickly got to the Cedar Street building and knocked on her door.

"The fire department comes back, they climb up on top of the roof, and they're looking through the window. It is silent, two cops go in the back and all of a sudden the detective that was on the roof heard something," said Leighann Rall, a witness.

"I felt bad for the baby, because the baby was on her hip when they got her. But I'm glad she got caught because she's not a good person," said Dina Auriemma, a witness.

Police arrested Danielle Cifuntes. Witnesses say the 28-year-old was taken away by police with her toddler in her arms.

Paredes says he really has no idea how long this was going on, or how much was taken.

He doesn't know how she even got inside his home.

"It was crazy because my kids live there my wife. You close your door, you think everything is safe and you see that. It was crazy," Parades said.
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