EXCLUSIVE: Sergeant proves herself in one of NYPD's most dangerous jobs

EASTCHESTER, Bronx (WABC) -- Within just a matter of moments, Sergeant Georgia Madouros and her partner have spotted, and are in pursuit of another speeding driver.

One driver, they clocked at 73 miles per hour in a 50-mile an hour stretch of I-95.

"We get people going up to 120 miles an hour. Last night, my officer had someone going 145 miles an hour," Sgt. Madouros said.

Working in the NYPD's Elite Highway Unit, Sergeant Madouros has proven herself in one of the most dangerous jobs in the NYPD.

"I knew I wanted to be a police officer since I was three years old," says Sgt. Madouros, "I had the opportunity to join the Highway Patrol, and I've been here since December of 2006...this is the only thing I ever wanted to do."

Making her even more unique, Sergeant Madouros is the only female supervisor in the highway unit.

"Right now it's myself, and four female police officers. Three in Highway #2, and one here - she's new, just joined us, but I definitely would like to see more," she adds.

Sgt. Madouros must also be able to ride and handle a 900-pound motorcycle. She says it was the toughest thing she did physically and mentally.

During Women's National History Month, she is also seeing more female officers moving into once male-dominated roles.

"I think we have proven ourselves very well through the years, and we've paved the road for more females to come in," Sgt. Madouros says.

When Eyewitness News interviewed Sgt. Madouros, she was working with Officer Anthony Grosso, a drug-recognition expert, working a laser speed unit, pulling over a driver on I-95. This part of their job is very dangerous.

"These cars can do some great speeds, unfortunately the drivers are not trained to drive those cars like that," she says.

A very demanding job that Sergeant Georgia Madouros loves.
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