Fake car inspections a hazard according to police in Babylon

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Stacey Sager has the details

Police say they believe a counterfeiting operation is responsible for the 90 fake car inspection stickers found in a Long Island village.

On the surface it would seem like they're looking for a victim-less crime, counterfeit car inspection stickers.

But in reality, authorities say it's a growing threat to public safety in Suffolk County.

"Somebody will get hurt eventually," said Bill Whittier, of Babylon Village Code Enforcement. "We all know that if you don't get your car repaired, your tires, your struts, something's going to happen."

The problem was first brought to the attention of Suffolk Police after authorities in Babylon Village busted nearly a hundred car owners in the past year.

The phony stickers were professionally done, but the primary giveaway is color.

"The colors tend to be off on the stickers. This is a 2015, tend to be buff in color, the sticker should be bright yellow," said Sgt. Paul Schulhaus, of Babylon Village Code Enforcement.

The 2016 ones should be a darker red than the fakes and if you think authorities can't prove it's a fake, they got an app for that!

"We'll run the state DMV on the license plate number and the sticker number, we always find that they don't match," Schulhaus said.

If you're busted you could pay up to $400 in fines. But worse yet, Suffolk Police say seven car owners have actually been arrested and charged with a felony just for having the stickers on their cars as police try to pinpoint who is creating the problem.

"It's like a drug deal, a network," Whittier said. "They're afraid, they're afraid to say who is handing these things out."

"We are actively looking to find out and then prosecute to the fullest extent that we can," said Chief William Madigan, of the Suffolk County Police Department.

Suffolk County Police say if you have information leading to an arrest please call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS, and there may be a reward in the case.
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