Family of Syrian refugees beginning new lives in Paterson, New Jersey

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Tim Fleischer has the story of a family of Syrian refugees who have settled in Paterson.

Millions of refugees have fled Syria, and among them are a family now settling in New Jersey.

The husband and wife, who is pregnant, along with their five children, have had a long journey to Paterson.

"We are extremely grateful to be here," said the translator for the family.

Here in America, where Morad and Ola Al-Teibawi can feel secure, protected and 3-year old Rama and their four other children can receive a good education.

These Syrian refugees, speaking no English and having fled their homeland, are now the latest to settle here in South Paterson where many other Syrians have settled.

"And I want to welcome you, salaam alaikum," said New Jersey Democratic Congressman Bill Pascrell, who has called on the President to expedite the resettlement. He met the family to learn of their year and half process to live here.

"We are not doing our part, I don't believe, my own opinion, We are not doing our part to help these refugees," said Pascrell.

And Morad believes, through his interpreter..."The protection of this country is number one because you have to make sure people don't come into this country that are trying to destroy it," said translator Mahmoud Mahmoud.

Morad and his family fled the city of Daraa in Southern Syria in 2012, making it across the border into Jordan where they say they were smuggled to safety.

"You're going to leave your home country for good and never look back but it was a decision I was forced to make. I had no choice, I did it for my family," he said.

Eventually Mahmoud Mahmoud with Church World Service and who translates helps the settling process.

"Getting their lives started for the first time so that they can become productive and active citizens," said Mahmoud.

The couple's four other children are placed in schools. A sixth child is due very soon. And Morad is looking for work.

Both Morad and Ola say they have been warmly welcomed and look forward to a new life in America. They are also aware of the efforts by some to block Syrians from settling here.

"It's unfortunate that not only Donald Trump and all of these other people are saying these things," said Ola Al-Teibawi.

Their dream of a new life is just now being realized with hope for a safe future.

"Show my appreciation to America for letting me in and opening its doors," said the translator.

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