GROSS! Midtown movie theatergoers complain of bedbug bites

MIDTOWN (WABC) -- Onika Slocum's right arm is still swollen

"I felt three bites on my arm, so I picked up my cell phone, and flashed the light on the seat, and I saw the bug crawling down the seat," she says.

The bites, she claims she received at the Midtown AMC Theatre while watching the movie "The Perfect Guy" in theatre 14.

"They bite in threes, so people refer to it as breakfast, lunch and dinner," Slocum says, "by the time I walked out of the theater I had six.

Slocum then posted to Twitter:

Cindy Feng also says she got bedbug bites, she claims from the same theater. This is the second time in recent years these blood-sucking pests have appeared at the popular theater.

An AMC spokesperson says, "we take aggressive, proactive steps, including regular inspections and inspections anytime a bedbug is suspected."

"They should get that fumigated, because that's are paying too much to have bed bugs in your theater. That's ridiculous," says Shameeka Skeete.

Skeete and her three friends had just seen movies in two different theaters and are a little uneasy.

"What can we do? Maybe they don't clean, I don't know," says Estivalis Cuellar.

And the thought of those nasty critters coming home with you?

"I can bring it home and all my family members in our beds," says Cristal Lodge, "I took my clothes off at the front door, and I threw them out."

AMC released a statement saying.

"Out of an abundance of caution, increased proactive inspections are continuing at this location."
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