Here's how to find your unclaimed funds

If you think it could never be you because you're not the type of person to leave behind money, think again. Millions of people have forgotten about accounts or can even claim money from a late relative.

One Queens woman couldn't believe her late father had 2 stock accounts totaling $50,000.

I bet you can't throw a paper airplane in your office and not land on someone who's owed unclaimed funds.

7 on your Side checked unclaimed funds for one of our maintenance workers, an intrepid intern, and a viewer we helped.

Mitch Cohen can laugh all the way to the bank, we found Disney stock for his family now worth a magical, $1,010 dollars.

"I don't know what happened to the stock certificates, I had forgotten all about them," said Mitch Cohen.

Shares bought for daughters Jaclyn and Dani, a gift from their late Grandpa.

Next up was 7 on your Side intern Julio Avila. We searched "his" name and found an account for Julio Avila, Senior - his Dad. Then, the comptroller's office surprised him on the phone. The call came in over the phone, "On behalf of comptroller 1,388 dollars for you."

Mr. Avila said, he had no idea.

"No, it's a big surprise," he said.

The money was his cash from an un-cashed insurance check. You never know until you check what is yours to claim.

For T. Febres, we found not 1 but 2 hits for him.

He got the cha-ching call from the comptroller's office, "on behalf of Comptroller DiNapoli we found $192. That's your money."

$100 was an un-cashed paycheck turned over from the hospital where "T" used to work, $92 was store credit from PC Richards.

"We're so glad, and you cant deny you're on our side," said the happy recipient.

Here are some search tips go to your states unclaimed funds website try searching with only your last name, don't forget to put in your maiden name too and search for any relatives who may have passed and any other states where you lived before the most important thing to remember is make sure you're going to an official government website don't go to sites that charge you a fee this is 100 percent free.

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