Toddler survives fall from van driving down highway

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Toddler falls out of van in motion, saved by passing driver. (KTRK)

A toddler fell out of the back of a moving minivan and was brought to safety by the driver behind in the city of Suzhou in east China's Jiangsu Province.

The whole scene was captured by the driving recorder on the car behind.

The two-year-old boy got out of the co-pilot seat, crawled to the back seats, and fell from the van's trunk as his grandpa, the driver, just started the car after waiting at a red light.

The video showed the toddler climbing up on his feet and running after the van. The grandfather didn't noticed as he drove away.

The car behind pulled carefully to the side and picked up the boy before following after the grandfather.

"I was waiting at the red light. After passing the intersection a car chased after me and kept sounding the horn. The driver told me a kid fell out of my van. I looked back, parked my van aside, and went back to search for my grandson," said Yang Defu, the toddler's grandpa.

Yang ran back to the road intersection and brought back his grandson from the good Samaritans.

Yang said that the van was rear-ended the other day, and the trunk lid became loose.
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