Interracial Stamford couple's home vandalized again

STAMFORD, Connecticut (WABC) -- An interracial couple from Stamford whose home was vandalized with racist graffiti has again been targeted.

Lexene Charles and wife Heather Lindsay caught flack for leaving the first instance of graffiti -- the N word in big, bold letters -- on their garage as police investigated.

The latest is either an attempt to hide a hateful slur or an effort to finally convince the couple to remove it. But the bottom line is for the second time in a few weeks, their garage door was vandalized.

Someone spray-painted the N-word over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend, as Lindsay said she and her husband have long been victims of harassment.

"Just because I have a black husband, I've been ignored," she said. "And this is a racist attitude."

After the initial incident, Lindsay and Charles said they refused to remove the graffiti because they believed police were not seriously investigating the incident. Now, they said sometime early Wednesday morning, someone took it upon themselves to cover up the lettering by applying more black spray paint.

The second incident came just days after the city reversed itself after the couple was originally told they would be fined $100 a day for violating a blight ordinance.

"I've asked the city to replace the garage door, and that was part of the NAACP's demands," she said. "And they said they would honor that."

The couple has lived in the home since 1999.
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