Largest live alligator ever caught in Texas found near Dayton

DAYTON, TX -- Incredible photos and video have surfaced of the largest live alligator ever caught in Texas.

The gator was caught in the Champion Lake area, about 10 miles south of Dayton.

PHOTOS: Gigantic gator trapped near Dayton

This monster measured 13-feet, 8-inches long and weighed in at nearly 900 pounds.

Experts say the alligator could be as old as 50 or 60 years old.

The owner of Gator Country says he got a call about the gator getting a little too friendly with some people who live in the area, and the rest is obviously history.

They pulled the gator from the water, bound its hands and feet, covered his eyes and then five college interns sat on top of this gator to keep him from flailing around.
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