Location of shootout and arrest of bombing suspect reopens in Linden

LINDEN, New Jersey (WABC) -- Police in Linden have cleared the scene of where bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami was shot and arrested.

Elizabeth Avenue was reopened late Wednesday afternoon, and the aftermath of the takedown could be seen for the first time.

Bullet holes are everywhere, from the bar where police officer Angel Padilla first encountered Rahami, to where the four-block gun battle ended at an auto restoration shop.

Eyewitness Vivian W. saw it all.

"When I saw it I said Oh, they are shooting guns, because I never saw nothing like that," she said.

Two bullets struck the windows in the apartment below hers, shattering one window as the gun battle continued.

Officer Padilla and Officer Peter Hammer were both injured.

"They were trying to get those guys, the one guy's vest off. And one was bleeding very bad so my first concern was that but they were OK," said eyewitness Melissa Newman.

Rahami, wanted in connection with two bombings in New York and New Jersey, was hit with several shots and captured just outside Juan Salazar's auto restoration shop.

"I'm lucky he didn't swerve right in here because we had the garage wide open. Thank God he stopped where he did, right outside my door," said Salazar.
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