Alabama man shot and robbed during family vacation in Turks and Caicos

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Man shot while on vacation in Turks & Caicos. ABC News reports on June 25, 2017.

A family vacation turned into a nightmare for an Alabama family after a father was shot during an apparent robbery.

Kevin Newman was touring Turks and Caicos with his wife and son when he was shot.

Authorities say the father went to look for his son who he thought had wandered outside of the resort when he was shot multiple times.

His family says Newman is still in a medically induced coma and receiving treatment at a medical center in Florida.

According to his wife, Tiffany Newman, one bullet pierced his abdomen and exited through his back.

"It caused damage to his liver, but the main issue was that it hit his inferior vena cava and right kidney vein," Tiffany Newman said in a statement obtained by ABC News on Saturday. "He lost a very large amount of blood, so he received lots of transfusions yesterday. The surgeon also had to remove his right kidney, and his left kidney function is being monitored closely."

No arrests have been made.

The Turks and Caicos Ministry of Tourism released a statement that read in part:
"The Turks and Caicos Islands are a popular and peaceful destination known for its pristine beaches and relaxed atmosphere and this type of occurrence sends a ripple through the entire community. The safety of all those on these islands is always our top priority and remains as such."
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