Manhole explosion causes transformer cover to smash into car in Sunset Park

SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A manhole explosion caused a big mess in Sunset Park and a dangerous situation for one driver.

A 300-pound transformer cover landed on top of a car and smashed the windshield.

It smashed the top of the car.

All of this occurred earlier Thursday when Con Edison crews were in the neighborhood working in the area.

Apparently some lines got touched or crossed down in the hole.

Then an explosion occurred.

That manhole cover or transformer cover then shot out of the hole and ended up on top of a car, smashing the windshield and damaging the whole top of it.

Alberto Wilson said he was shocked to see what happened to his car.

"We were in shock. We were in total shock. We were at home watching TV. All of the sudden we smell smoke. We come down running. Smoke coming out of a manhole. We call 911. The fire department came. Con Edison came. We go, thinking everything is okay. She goes to work. I go to the park with my boy. We hear a boom and were coming back and as we go back, we see this on top of our car. I mean, it's just crazy. It's going to be totaled at this point. I believe so. I believe so. But thank God we are okay. Because we were inside the car earlier when the first smoke came out. We came inside the car thinking that it was going to be the safest place to go then we come and we find this. Just glad were okay. I'm in shock. I'm in total shock," Wilson said.

Mr. Wilson said three men tried to pull it off of his vehicle and could not do it.
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