Mom arrested for vodka in newborn's bottle

TULSA, Oklahoma -- A 3-month old is in the hospital and her mother was arrested Saturday after the mother allegedly mixed alcohol with formula.

Police say 36-year-old Monique Bibbs took her 3-month-old daughter to the hospital once she realized she mixed the baby's formula with vodka.

They say the baby's blood alcohol level was .19 percent, the legal limit for adults is .08 percent.

The mother's friend says the incident was an accident.

"This is just a freak accident, just a freak accident," said Monique's friend Leo Bibbs.

Bibbs told police the vodka was in a water bottle left over from partying Friday night.

"They had put vodka in a water bottle to take with them and that was left in the apartment and this morning at some time she grabbed the water bottle with vodka in it and made a bottle for the baby," said Tulsa police Corporal Greg Smith.

Police say the mother began to burp the baby after feeding her at a friend's apartment. That's when the realized a stench of alcohol coming from the infant's breath.

"We woke up, I'm running late for work I'm in the show trying to get to work. The baby's crying that's what woke us up. And she was like baby, I gotta get the baby fed, because she was ready to go home," said Leo.

Authorities say Bibbs did not take the baby to the hospital right away.

"It wasn't until later on she decided that maybe she needed to go as the baby got worse, so she finally went and saw medical care," said Cpl. Smith.

Monique Bibbs is now facing child neglect charges.

Leo says she would never hurt her children.

"Mo's loves her child man she loves her kids she has three. She loves them to death man," said Leo.

Officials say the baby will be staying the night at St. Francis Hospital the rest of the night, however they say she is expected to be OK.

KJRH reports that the baby and Bibb's two other children will be placed into DHS custody.
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