Mayor: Photo showing Morristown border patrol arrest is a hoax

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Toni Yates has the latest (Photo/Morristown Bureau of Police)

Authorities in New Jersey say a circulating image that depicts border patrol agents arresting someone in front of a Morristown business is fake.

Police are unsure of where the image came from, but they confirmed the photo was digitally altered to show events that did not occur.

The building houses a shipping company called Liseth Express on Sussex Avenue, located along a main shopping thoroughfare popular with many in the Latino population. But the scene did not happen there.

"It's sad and alarming that someone would Photoshop pictures to create more fear," employee Nasly Navas said.

Officials say Morristown always strives to implement fair and welcoming policies to the community and to insure actions such as the one depicted in the image do not reflect their values.

"It saddens me to see an image purposefully created to generate fear within our community," Mayor Timothy Dougherty. "Morristown is diverse, welcoming and inclusive. It's especially important that we stand together as a community to continue to promote these values."

Officials say Morrsitown also has no intention of implementing the section of the Immigration and Nationality Act that would let the Department of Homeland Security train local police officers to perform the work intended for immigration agents.

"All of Morristown's residents deserve a secure environment to raise their families, go to work, and contribute to society without fear," Doughtery said after a local forum that was held to discuss immigration earlier this month.

Dougherty says some Latino residents have been afraid to send their children to school or visit local businesses because they fear they will be detained. He also says they shouldn't be afraid to call police if they need help.

About one-third of Morristown's population is Hispanic, and many immigrant communities have been on edge across the country as President Donald Trump's administration has vowed to clamp down on illegal immigration. Already, there are reports of families being broken apart, with relatives sent back to their native lands. Navas believes that having Morristown as a sanctuary city helped temper fear in a major way in the face of the fake image.

"It's nice to know the community didn't alarm, in a way like, don't leave your house because this is happening," Navas said. "Instead, they were being helpful to others that didn't know what was going on."
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