NY board clears way on fast-food worker minimum wage hike to $15

NEW YORK -- New York's Wage Board has finalized its recommendation endorsing a $15 minimum wage for fast-food workers in chain restaurants.

The three-member board met Monday for what is likely the last time to formally adopt the proposal. It will soon go to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's labor commissioner, who will have 45 days to act on the recommendation.

Cuomo supports the proposal.

The wage hike would apply to fast-food workers in restaurants with 30 or more locations. It would be phased in over three years in New York City and six years elsewhere.

Franchise owners say the hike unfairly singles out their industry.

The increase won't apply to low-wage workers in other industries. The state's minimum wage is now $8.75 an hour and will increase to $9 at year's end.

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