For Earth Day, New York neighborhood tries to go car-free

New Yorkers are being encouraged to go car-free for Earth Day.

New York City officials hope commuters ditch their car keys and use a bike or mass transit to get around on Friday as part of Car Free Day.

The city is closing off a portion of the city to cars, including Broadway from the Flatiron Building at East 23rd Street to Union Square at East 17th Street; streets around Washington Square Park; and Wadsworth Avenue in Washington Heights between 173rd and 177th streets.

Bike- and ride-sharing companies, along with cab companies and water taxi services, are offering promotions as well.

Officials say they want the event to reduce emissions and bring attention to the need for more investment in mass transit.

Mayor Bill De Blasio is even getting in on the action, saying he'll go without a car on Friday whenever feasible.
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