NYPD clears out crowd of thousands at Kanye West pop-up show

EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan (WABC) -- Thousands of people crowded the streets around Webster Hall after Kanye West attempted to perform at a pop-up concert.

Video poured in through social media as the musician showed up for the crowd after learning the concert had been cancelled.

The outdoor concert at the Governor's Ball on Governor's Island had been cancelled Sunday due to the severe rain storms.

Kanye then announced via social media that he would perform at the East Village hall.

People crowded the streets and sat on cars damaging several of them on East 11th Street.

The crowd grew out-of-control and he couldn't perform due to the size of the crowd, so the concert was ultimately canceled.

"Too many people were trying to push into Webster Hall and that's when police showed up," a fan said.

The NYPD cleared out the crowd around 2 a.m. Police estimated the crowd contained 3,000 to 4,000 people. The venue only holds 1,500. Police say Webster Hall decided it would not be safe to hold the event with the large crowd outside.

Kanye drove around waving to the crowd but ultimately never got out of the vehicle due to security concerns and left without performing.

Kanye and his entourage also tried to find alternate locations, including Trump SoHo, but no venues would allow the show to happen at that hour.

One person at the scene was arrested for disorderly conduct. Witnesses also reported that a woman broke her ankle while trying to dance on top of a car.

Just before 4 a.m., Kim Kardashian-West posted on Snapchat that the couple was home and done for the night trying to perform.

Kanye vowed to his fans to plan another pop-up concert.
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