EXCLUSIVE: Parents speak out after kids hide in closet, call 911 during burglary

Two parents are opening up in an Eyewitness News exclusive about how their three children barricaded themselves inside a closet as burglars broke in Wednesday morning.

Indigo Noel, 13, Gavin Noel, 6, and Zahoria, 16, heard a loud knock on the door before 11am at their Fort Bend County, Texas home. Zahoria even came face-to-face with one suspect in her own room.

"The gentleman came in through that window," her father, Kenneth Noel, explained while pointing to a bay window. "She saw him and they made eye contact with one another. Even though she saw him and he saw her, he kept advancing."

Kenneth was speeding home to get to his kids.

"My heart was racing but trying to remain calm because I was moving at a high rate of speed trying to get here because the only thing that mattered was where are my kids," he said.

Zahoria grabbed her siblings and Kenneth was on the phone with Indigo as Zahoria lead everyone upstairs and into the master bedroom. They locked the door and ran to the closet.

Her call to 911 reveals chilling details about what happened next.

911 phone call
Zahoria screams.
911 Dispatcher: What happened?
Zahoria: They just came into our parents' room.
911: Someone what?
Zahoria: They just came into our parents' room! Help!
911: Okay, be quiet. Do not open the door, ok? Be quiet. Tell them to be quiet. Do not make any noise.
Zahoria: Be quiet. Be quiet.

Kenneth demonstrated how the two girls were barricading the closet door with their feet and their bodies.

"My son was behind them, watching as they were forcing their body weight against the door while someone was pushing in, trying to get in," he said.

Fort Bend County deputies arrived within three minutes and caught the suspects stuffing one of the family's TVs into their car. Two women were arrested and deputies caught a man who was allegedly wearing Gavin's stolen Mickey Mouse watch.

Grateful for the fast response, the Noels say Zahoria is the real super hero.

"Her bravery came out and the big sister in her stood up and I'm so proud of her," mom Lawanda Noel said.

"Elated. We're elated," Kenneth said. null
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