New Jersey police frustrated after alleged burglar saved from snow drift arrested again

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Anthony Johnson has the latest details.

A suspected burglar who was arrested last week after he nearly died while hiding in a snowbank was apparently at it again Sunday, prompting police to express increasing frustration and anger over bail reform laws in New Jersey.

Authorities say 47-year-old George Pescavage burglarized a South Brunswick liquor store and allegedly jumped into a snowbank to hide from officers and avoid arrest.

He was found by police suffering from hypothermia and frostbite, and he was treated and released after his arraignment. Then, three days later, authorities say he tried to break into a pharmacy on Milltown Road just after noon on Sunday.

He also reportedly expressed frustration over how quickly he got out, and he admitted that if he were released again, he'd commit another crime.

"He told our detectives that he was upset that he didn't get a meal out of his stay with the Department of Corrections," North Brunswick Police Captain Brian Hoiberg said. "He tells the detectives along the way that if he's let out again, he's going to continue doing what he's doing because that's what he needs to do to get by."

Police are frustrated, growing so tired of the quick release that they're using Facebook hashtags #BailReform and #TheNewNormal to drum up support. Governor Chris Christie went on his weekly radio show and hammered critics of bail reform.

"Let me tell you what this is all about," Christie said. "The bail bonds community has made a fortune over the years, predominantly off the poor in New Jersey. And we now are stopping them from doing that. And they're pissed."

This time around, Pescavage will get his wish and remain behind bars until trial. He is reportedly a homeless man who prefers three meals and a cot to being out on the street.
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