Pelosi Blasts Trump's 'Bizarre' Rhetoric: 'Verbal Poo-Poo'

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Thursday, August 11, 2016
Pelosi Blasts Trump's 'Bizarre' Rhetoric: 'Verbal Poo-Poo'
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol, Aug. 11, 2016, in Washington.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi had strong words for Donald Trump at this morning's press conference, blasting his "bizarre" rhetoric, which she said is "reminiscent of demagogues who want to be in the press no matter what they have to say. They make their 'verbal poo-poo' anyplace to get attention."

"This is a tactic. This is not an accident. This is a tactic. And here we are talking about it," Pelosi added when asked about Trump's latest comments calling President Obama the founder and Hillary Clinton the co-founder of ISIS. Trump "didn't understand that the words of a presidential candidate, a nominee, weigh a ton. There were many other references he could have made about getting out the vote."

Pelosi also said that Trump's Second Amendment remarks earlier this week that some perceived as a call for violence against Clinton were made "perhaps unwittingly but the double meaning it had, wittingly or not, is very very problematic. Very problematic and scary."

New York Rep. Steve Israel, who just returned from a congressional delegation to Italy and Afghanistan where congressional members met with foreign leaders, said he and other U.S. lawmakers were on clean-up duty.

"This is typical Trumpian stupidity," Israel said. "I felt like we should have brought brooms and mops to clean up the damage that Donald Trump is creating for those allies and those partners, to clean up the national security mess that he has created."

Democratic Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana echoed Israel's statement, saying that "our partnership with NATO cannot be questioned" because they stood with the U.S. on 9/11 and play a critical role in the fight against terrorism. "Threats to abandon our allies are simply empty rhetoric," Carson added.

Pelosi also called out House Republicans, urging them to return early from a seven-week recess and "get back to work." The press conference touched on four major public health crises that Democrats want action on from House Republicans: Zika, gun violence, opioid addiction and Flint water contamination.

"What better thing do you have to do than to look after the needs of the American people?" Pelosi wondered.

Maryland Democratic Rep. Donna Edwards also criticized House Republicans, complaining that "children will be back in school for the fall, and Republicans in Congress will still be on vacation."

While discussing House Republicans' resistance to providing funding for contraceptives to prevent sexual transmission of Zika, Pelosi wondered how many of her Republican colleagues use contraceptives.

"I wonder this a lot. How many of the families of our Republican colleagues are not practicing birth control?" Pelosi said. "How come they don't have many more children? How come they don't have five children in six years like I did? What is it with them that they don't understand, with sexually transmitted diseases you use contraception?"

On cyber hacks of several Democratic campaign arms, Pelosi insisted Russia was responsible, thought she wasn't sure whether the hack exposed any of her personal work beyond the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"This is an electronic Watergate," she said. "This is a break-in."

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