Philadelphia mom receives scathing letter about her child with autism

MAYFAIR -- An anonymous letter from a neighbor sent one fuming, emotional mother in Philadelphia's Mayfair section to Facebook.

Bonnie Moran went to social media not to just air out the hateful handwritten note she'd received, but to raise awareness about autism.

Moran is a mother of three and has a child with autism - her youngest son, Ryan.

The neighbor, apparently upset that they can't get fresh air without being disturbed by the little boy, wrote the scathing note that starts out calling him a brat and even goes so far as to use the "r" word.

It reads, in part, "the screaming and carrying on needs to stop. No one wants to hear him act like a wild animal, it's utterly nerve-wracking, not to mention, it's scaring my normal children."

The neighbor, bothered by the child's behavior, goes on to suggest that Bonnie should "give him some old-fashioned discipline a few times and he will behave."

Bonnie was so angry with what she read she posted the letter to Facebook.

She says she doesn't know which neighbor penned the note, but is sharing it to educate people, to let this serve as a reminder never to judge somebody, because you never know what they are going through.

There is some heartwarming news for Bonnie, though. After she posted the letter, her son Ryan got a few calls for playdates.

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