Police release dash cam footage of incident involving Johnny Manziel

CLEVELAND -- Dash camera footage and a 911 call released over that domestic incident involving Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

    911 caller: "He's very physically upset. They appear to be driving in the car."
    911 operator: "OK"

    911 caller: "But now they're outside. She's distressed. He's upset. But they're not physically against each other right now."

That was one of two 911 calls which led police in Ohio to respond. Their car was parked on the side of the road. In the dash camera video, you can hear Manziel telling the officer that his girlfriend threw a wallet and a cell phone out of the window. At one point, she tells the officer he hit her, but she didn't want to file a report.

    Officer: "What happened today? You guys are obviously in this car."
    Girlfriend: "He's like uh. I don't know. He hit me a couple of times."
    Officer: "While you were in the car?"
    Girlfriend: "Yeah. But I don't wanna please don't make (inaudible) please don't"

The girlfriend admitted to drinking and Manziel told the officer he had drinks earlier in the day. No charges were filed.

This all comes six months after Manziel spent time in a treatment facility.

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