Police warn of car booting scam in Mount Kisco

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Joe Torres reports from Mount Kisco. (Shutterstock)

There's a warning about a new scam aimed at drivers in Westchester County.

Police say don't get taken when you see one of those boots on your car in Mount Kisco, it may not be the real thing.

Elis Casado told Eyewitness News he had to calm down one of his customers who accused him of putting a boot on his car.

"I've been working here inside I told him, I don't know what's happening outside," Casado said.

His store along with a half-dozen other businesses share 12 parking spots in a private lot on East Main Street in Mount Kisco. It's the site of a possible booting scam according to the Westchester County police.

Authorities recently issued an alert to village residents and businesses after someone not only booted some cars, but then charged cash to have the boots removed.

"Please obtain descriptions of vehicles or persons involved if it can be done safely, but do not attempt to engage the person or persons," The alert from the Westchester County police said. They say they will then dispatch an officer to investigate whether or not the boot was legally placed.

There is no word from police how many people had their cars booted or how much they paid to have the boot removed.

What is clear is that the local law in Mount Kisco requires any company or property owner to obtain a permit from the village before they start booting vehicles, and according to investigators, right now there is no record of anyone having a current permit to boot cars.

So the advice from investigators is: don't pay anyone if your car is booted. Instead, call the police.
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