Proposal would raise fares to area airports by $4

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Tim Fleischer has the details. (Kathy Willens)

Making regular trips to area airports, Gustavo Moreno has growing concerns about a Port Authority proposal to charge all for-hire-vehicles $4 every time they pick up and drop off passengers.

"It's not a good thing for drivers and the same for passengers. It's not a good option for us," says Moreno.

In a statement, the Port Authority says,

"The airport access fee would apply to all for-hire vehicles such as yellow and green, black cars/limos and app-based FHVs such as Lyft and Uber."

"I feel like the Port Authority is putting extra regulations on top of us," said Jose Altamirano.

Altamirano is president of El Barrios Car Service in East Harlem. He has 250 drivers who make numerous trips to airports each day. If the drivers have to raise their cost and the base companies could face hefty new license fees, the cost could be passed on customers.

"Every part of our industry will be heavily affected by this. You are talking about a big increase, and the consumer will be affected," Altamirano adds.

Jonathan Altamira, who counts on his driving to pay for his college tuition, worries about losing customers and tips.

"I'm going to be not working again? I'm working and studying, so maybe I can't afford my tuition," Altamira says.

The Port Authority says: "If it moves forward, implementation would not occur until 2018, and funds generated would remain at airports to invest in modernization of our airports."

Others are not sure what to expect.
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