Rapper Z-Ro accused of assaulting girlfriend as she recorded him

HOUSTON, Texas -- Houston rapper Z-Ro has been arrested and charged in connection with the assault of his then-girlfriend, rapper Brittany Bullock, who goes by "Just Brittany."

He appeared in court Thursday morning.

Court documents allege that Z-Ro, whose real name is Joseph McVey, slapped, punched, dragged and choked Bullock while holding a pistol.

The alleged assault happened in April in McVey's Katy home, but was just reported this past weekend.

During the attack, Bullock told police she got so sick, she went to the bathroom to throw up, then started recording video on her cell phone. When she returned to McVey, the hidden phone continued recording for nearly 21 minutes.

Deputies viewed the video and allege McVey can be heard slapping Bullock and saying, "You're dead." Bullock can be heard crying and begging McVey to stop.

The fight was supposedly over canceled dinner plans.

McVey has been charged with aggravated assault.

Z-Ro tweeted early Thursday to encourage fans to buy his latest album but didn't specifically reference the charges he's facing. He tweeted "In other news, if you haven't gotten my latest album..."
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