Rescue crews hoist horse stuck 300 feet down ravine in California

ANGELUS OAKS, California -- Rescue crews in California successfully airlifted a horse that had been stuck at the bottom of a 300-foot ravine in the Angelus Oaks area Thursday afternoon.

The horse and a woman rider fell off the Santa Ana trail near Los Angeles around noon.

Officials were able to rescue the woman, who suffered minor injuries, but aiding the horse was a more difficult challenge.

Rescue crews work to assist a horse stuck at the bottom of a 300-foot ravine in Angelus Oaks.

They had to first sedate and blindfold the 1,200-pound animal and then bring in an LA County rescue helicopter to hoist it out of the ravine.

Officials believe the horse was not seriously injured in the fall. It appeared to be able to stand after it was brought safely to flat ground.

Watch the rescue below:
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