Local symbols of the Confederacy being called out, protested

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AJ Ross has more from Fort Hamilton. (WABC)

As the debate over the polarizing Confederate Flag continues nationwide, other symbols of the Confederacy closer to home, are not only being called out, but protested.

At Fort Hamilton Army Base, Reverend Al Sharpton and others demanded the removal of a street sign honoring Confederate General Robert E. Lee, calling the sign offensive and hypocritical.

Rev. Sharpton, along with several dozen others marched around the base in protest on Saturday afternoon, calling for the street sign to be removed, along with any other symbols of the confederacy, which support slavery, and in many eyes perpetuates the institution of racism.

During the Civil War, Lee turned his back on an oath he swore to the United States, instead choosing to lead the Army's rebellion against the union.

"Why would you have an army base honoring a defective who generaled the army for the confederates, and who was seeking to overthrow the government?" Sharpton said.

In addition to the street sign named after Lee, Sharpton is also calling for the removal of a Confederate Flag mural on the second floor of the New York State Capitol waiting room in the governor's office.
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