Riptides, forecast could put damper on Jersey Shore business for Labor Day weekend

LONG BEACH, New York (WABC) -- On the Jersey Shore, businesses are hoping for a final big week before the unofficial end of summer.

The fear is the dangerous riptides and the concerns over the forecast for the Labor Day weekend could keep some customers away.

In Point Pleasant on Wednesday, business was modest for midweek.

The boardwalk was busy but not overcrowded. The fact that some beaches were closed because of the dangerous surf kept beachgoers off the shore.

This summer of super hot weather has had an impact on many beach businesses.

Success this summer depends on the business and the items the merchants sell.

Food seemed to do well, as the owner of a Belmar pizza and ice cream shop says he rolled in the dough.

But just two doors down, a shirt shop owner says the crowds came and went quickly due to the heat.

Most businesses have the 100 days of summer to make a year's worth of profits.

Running a clothing business on the shore had its heat challenges.

Sweaty patrons weren't quick to try on beachwear.

The Labor Day weekend could be make or break for some small business owners, but it varies. Some say good weather will only enhance profits from the summer of 2016.
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